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Felix Gonzalez-Torres

"Untitled" (Fortune Cookie Corner), 1990_2020

Fortune cookies, endless supply

Overall dimensions vary with installation

As quoted  by Maximiliano Duron in Art News, "in an era of social distancing, can a  fortune cookie help bring us together? That question, and several  others, are at the core of a new exhibition by Andrea Rosen Gallery and  David Zwirner of the late artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres. 

The work is Gonzalez-Torres’s earliest example of his famed “Candy” series and the only one to not rely on wrapped candies. The first day of this exhibition of “Untitled” (Fortune Cookie Corner) was also timed to the launch of a new website for the Felix  Gonzalez-Torres Foundation, which will explore in-depth the artist’s  legacy and his work. 

The foundation spent two years developing the  site’s most significant feature: photographic documentation of all of  his works in numerous incarnations, attesting to the variety of forms  the works can take when shown in museums, galleries, collectors’ homes,  and elsewhere. As Andrea Rosen said, “Felix used to say very  contradictory things as a way of making us responsible for gathering and  having our own meaning. What’s important about doing this exhibition  now is also that we are not thinking all the same or that we are not all  affected the same. It’s about the experience of saying, ‘This isn’t  about one thing.’”

Felix Gonzales Torres, "Untitled" Fortune Cookie Corner
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